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What are the benefits of accessing MYOB, QuickBooks or ReckonAccounts in the cloud?

A hosted solution can vastly streamline the accounts management of your business. It can save an enormous amount of time; provide more flexible work options for staff; reduce errors and file corruption; centralise accounting functions for multiple branches; ensure you're always utilising the latest application; and dramatically improve account security.

Having your accounting software hosted online allows you, your staff, bookkeepers and accountants to all access accounts from any location. You’ll no longer need to burn data to CD to send to your accountant; and you can have staff and bookkeepers working on your accounts remotely. It also allows staff such as your sales team to input data on the road.

How can others (my bookkeeper and accountant etc) access my information?

Other authorised users can access your information the same way as you do – using Edge, Chrome or Firefox Browsers. Provided you operate within the licensing requirements of your MYOB, QuickBooks or ReckonAccounts software, any number of additional user access accounts can be purchased to access your accounting software. These additional user accounts are at a discount to the primary user account. There are no minimum contract periods with any of our accounts. For a full list of prices, Click here.

Where can I log in from – interstate/overseas/internet cafés/hotels etc.?

Provided your PC allows you to install a small plug-in for your Edge/Chrome/Firefox browser, you will be able to access your MYOB, QuickBooks or ReckonAccounts software online from anywhere, anytime 24x7. Soon you will even be able to access our service from an iPad or other tablet device!

How many users can access concurrently?

As a guide, with MYOB Accounting or Accounting Plus, this software supports single user access. MYOB Premier is licensed out of the box to allow (3) concurrent users. More user licences can be purchased from MYOB if you require more concurrent users. Similarly QuickBooks/ReckonAccounts Plus or Pro is licensed for only single user access. QuickBooks/ReckonAccounts Premier and Enterprise versions allows for multi-user concurrent access.

Will my information be secure?

Your information will be extremely secure, comparable to bank level online security. Our platform has been developed with security as our primary concern. To access your accounts online, you require a unique username and password to access your suite of applications; and you can also set individual accounts within your Database files and hand out individual usernames and passwords for your users to access some or all areas of your MYOB or QuickBooks/ReckonAccounts database.

What happens if Easeaccounting goes out of business?

Easeaccounting has been in business since 1999. We continue to exceed our growth expectations each year and believe our business will continue to succeed in the years ahead. Should unforeseen circumstances occur and we are no longer able to offer our hosted software service, we will make available our customer’s data free of charge so that they can revert back to a locally installed solution.

What support hours do you offer?

Our support is from 8:00 am – 9:00 pm Monday – Friday, and from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm on weekends and public holidays. You can log support requests via phone or email 24 hours per day.

Where are your servers located?

You can access your MYOB/QuickBooks/ReckonAccounts software online from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Our servers are located in a secure datacentre in Brisbane, Queensland.

What up-time can I expect, what happens if the system ‘goes down’?

Historically our systems have performed to a higher level of uptime than 99.999%. As such, it’s extremely unlikely you won’t be able to access your account. If the system should go ‘down’ on rare occasions, you can be assured that access will be restored within minutes, not hours. Scheduled maintenance periods occur well outside normal business hours between 12:00 midnight and 6:00 am.

What are the technical requirements (hardware, software, connection type, firewall, etc)?

All you require is access to a regular PC with Edge, Chrome or Firefox, and a minimum grade broadband internet connection (512k/128k).

What initial setup is required?

A once-off connection fee of only $89 inc GST is required to establish your account, create your username and password and set up your local printing requirements. Any PC can access your software online by the installation of a small web browser plug-in available for download on our login page. It’s a simple 60 second process.

What happens if we decide to no longer have our software hosted, how do we get our data back?

We do not have any minimum contracts. If you decide you no longer wish to have your MYOB/QuickBooks/ReckonAccounts software hosted, you simply email us a cancellation request 5 business days prior to the end of a calendar month and provided you have paid your hosting fees, we will email or post* your database back to you. *Cost of postage is $25 for a CD Rom copy of your database files posted anywhere in Australia.

What additional programs can be accessed? (Word, Excel, Adobe Reader etc)?

Easeaccounting allows all users access to additional applications on request. The Microsoft Office Suite (excluding Microsoft Outlook) is also available for an additional charge to cover Microsoft Licensing Costs.

What are the costs?

There is a single annual License Extension fee (payable to MYOB) of $29/year to access your MYOB software online. Easeaccounting Online User Accounts start at only $39.95 for up to 25 hours access per month (plus a once-off $89 setup fee). There are no contract periods either. For a complete list of our plans and prices, please Click Here.