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Lite Plan

Standard Plan

Unlimited Plan

Choosing the right plan for you

If access to your accounting information is only needed for less than a day a week (0-25 hours per month) then the Lite Plan is for you. The Lite Plan allows for up to 25 hours per month for only $39.95. If it is more likely that access to your business data is required for 1-2 days per week (25-50 hours per month) then the Standard Plan is the right choice for you.

For $49.95 per month you receive 25-50 hours of access. Still not enough time? That's easy, the Unlimited Plan is the way to go. This plan is $59.95 and as the name suggests allows for unlimited access to your data online. If you are still unsure contact us today to discuss your options, and remember if you go over your monthly cap each hour is only an extra $2.

Other Costs

Data Release Fee: $25.00 for burning data to CD and postage within Australia.

Backup Retrieval Fee: $25.00 for obtaining backup files from archive media and restoring to Customer's home directory.